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The Disability Homestay Network is an initiative of the Australian Homestay Network (AHN). We provide welcoming short-term accommodation (STA) for people with disabilities aged 8-65 years including NDIS participants (guests).

The program offers standards-based, high-quality, personalised support and accommodation for stays of up to 14 days with caring local families (hosts) who are committed to seeing people with disability thrive.

Guests have the opportunity to connect with new people and share experiences in a safe and supportive home environment. Our team will work with each guest (and/or their carer or support worker) to tailor the stay to their specific support needs and goals.

The Disability Homestay Network operates under the Disability Homestay Network (DHN) Standards. A key component of the DHN Standards is the Commitment to the Safe and Ethical Delivery of Services and Supports for People with Disability, which includes adhering to the NDIS Code of Conduct.

To learn more about the Disability Homestay Network (DHN) Standards, please visit the Our Standards page.

Disability Homestay Network (DHN) pricing includes:

  • All meals
  • Hosted accommodation with a well-matched host
  • Host suitability checks and training
  • Personal care and assistance with daily life tasks
  • One-on-one personalised attention and support
  • Activities the participant and the host agree to
  • Internet access
  • Transportation around the community
  • Guest and host liability insurance
  • 24/7 emergency assistance

The Disability Homestay Network caters to guests aged 8 to 65 years old.

We have hosts in major capital cities across Australia as well as popular regional locations. Please visit the Destinations page for a full list of where you can stay.

We want you to be comfortable and will do whatever we can to help you have the best stay possible.

Our team will use the information on your profile – such as your interests, support needs and special requests – to match you with a host. We will look for a host whose lifestyle and personality complement yours and will best help you meet your goals, ensuring they have the appropriate skills to support you and / or arrange additional assistance as required.

You will have the opportunity to look at the host profile of the family we have matched you with before we finalise your placement.

  • Clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Any medications you may need during your stay
  • Personal devices/aids
  • Pillow
  • Comfort items like a stuffed toy or blanket
  • Spending money (your placement will include main meals, local transport and most activities but you should bring some spending money for additional expenses like shopping, extra activities, etc. – read more info)

All accommodation is inspected so we are aware of the features and facilities available to guests.

If you require specific equipment, our team will work with you (and / or your carer or support worker) to make sure this is available to you during your stay.

Not all accommodation will be suitable for wheelchairs, however, our team will ensure you stay in accommodation that is wheelchair accessible if required.

Hosts let us know what features and facilities are available to guests and we inspect each property to gauge its accessibility. We refer to this information during the matching process so we know the accommodation will meet your needs.

Accommodation and meals for supports workers  and carers are not included in your STA plan. Rates for support worker or carer accommodation (if available) may be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Please let us know about your support animal during the application process. We will do our best to find a place where you can both stay.

Your stay will be tailored to your goals and interests. When you make your booking you can let us know if there are any activities you would like to do or outings you would like to go on. There is also a section for your hobbies and interests so your host knows what you like.

This information will help us and your host organise a stay that includes fun activities and time to do things you enjoy, while also meeting any goals you want to achieve during your stay.

  • All hosts and all applicable residents will have passed either a Working With Vulnerable People (WWVP) Check / Working With Children Check (WWCC) and National Police Check OR NDIS Worker Screening (visit the Host Clearances page for more information)
  • Hosts will receive additional training if needed to provide individualised support for guests
  • We will inspect the host’s home and conduct and interview with the host before they can receive their first guest placement
  • We will reinspect a host’s home every 12 months to ensure nothing has changed since the initial check, and hosts must undergo recertification and training every 12 months
  • We will contact the guest and the host after every stay to receive feedback on the experience

Yes, all eligible residents in a host’s home AND all eligible guests participating in the DHN program must be fully vaccinated unless they hold a medical exemption. This means receiving two doses of a TGA-approved COVID-19 vaccine.

We will match you with a host who is capable of meeting your needs.

All hosts must undergo an online training and assessment program prior to being approved to host for DHN. If additional support is required we will make sure your host has experience and /or training to care for you, or engage an external support worker as needed.

Hosts wishing to accommodate guests with High Support needs must have a valid First Aid certificate and current CPR training.

Booking and Payments

Step 1 – Go to the DHN New Guest Application page.

Step 2 – Create your DHN Guest Profile.

Providing us with personal details – such as your name, age, contact information, support needs, hobbies and interests – will allow us to create a Guest Profile for you. This information will help us find you a host to stay with and make sure you are a good match.

Step 3 Enter the details for your stay. 

We will ask you where you would like to stay, what dates you want your stay to start and end, what your goals are, and the activities you would like to try.

Step 4 – Our team will contact you to confirm the details of your stay, go over your Disability Homestay Network profile and program needs.

If you have an agent or support coordinator we will work with them to understand your goals and any requirements you have for your stay. 

Step 5 – Host matching.

The matching process is one of the most important parts of your placement. Our team will look at what you hope to achieve and experience during your stay as well as your interests, support needs and any other requests. We will then find available hosts whose lifestyle and personality complement yours and will best help you meet your goals, ensuring they have the appropriate skills to support you and/or arrange additional assistance as required.

Step 6 – Approve your host.

We want to ensure you are comfortable with your host family, so you will have the opportunity to look at their profile before we finalise your placement.

Once you confirm you are happy to stay with the selected host, we will finalise your booking and provide you with contact details for your host family. If you want to, you can contact them before your stay so you can introduce yourself and learn a bit more about them.

Step 7 – Enjoy your stay at your host’s home.

Step 8 – Pay for your stay.

Please visit the How to Book page for information about paying for your stay.

Booking short term accommodation with us is flexible. You can book 2 days up to 14 days at a time depending on your NDIS plan. Please contact us if you require a stay for 1 day.

We offer three products based on the level of support required by participants. Please visit the Pricing page for more information.

Yes. Short Term Accommodation and Assistance is paid out of the Core Supports budget of your NDIS plan.

Yes! We will invoice you during the application process and you will be required to pay for your stay before your placement can be finalised. The rates will be the same as guests who have an NDIS plan.

We understand that plans can change and unexpected things might happen that may affect your journey or your stay. We will provide flexibility where possible.

Please read the Disability Homestay Network Cancellation and Refund Policy for information about how to cancel a booking, the timeframes required and fees that may be associated with cancelling a booking (in line with the NDIS Short Notice Cancellation process outlined in the NDIS Price Guide).


Yes, we will let your host know in advance if you need your food prepared in a certain way or require assistance at mealtimes.

We will ask you for this information when you make your booking so we can let your host know about your needs. This will give them time to prepare a meal plan ahead of time / buy specific food if required to cater to your requirements.


Once you have been matched with a host and the placement is confirmed, we will provide you with the host’s contact details. This gives everyone the opportunity to get to know each other before the stay (if you and your host want to connect beforehand).

You will need to pre-arrange your transport to your chosen destination if you are travelling from another city. Your host will pick you up from the bus/train station or airport when you arrive. If your scheduled arrival time changes (if you are going to arrive early or late), you must contact the host so they know when to pick you up.

Please let us know when booking if you require a specialised or modified vehicle for transportation and we will assist in arranging this for your stay.

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