Our Standards - Disability Homestay Network

Our Standards

The following are the recommended standards for the Disability Homestay Network (DHN) program to provide quality Short Term Accommodation (STA) and support to people with disabilities including eligible participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS):

1. An Online Portal for registering, tracking and monitoring all placements with secure log in access available to STA hosts. The portal shows ‘real time’ data, personalised notes for each participant (guest), invoices and payment history, and detailed reports for each stakeholder.

2. Appropriate Compulsory Insurance Cover including:

Coverage TypeAmount
Legal liability for guests (including damages)$20 million
Host liability insurance for guest personal injury and property damage$20 million
Contents insurance covering personal effects for guests while in the host’s home$10,000
Insurance Types and Amount of Coverage

3. Sophisticated Application and Placement Process to make the best guest/host match possible and lay the foundations for a successful stay.     

4. On Call Representatives for Operating Regions to ensure there is support to assist with any requirements and/or issues as appropriate.

5. Compulsory Host Background Checks, Host Home Inspections, Host Interview and Host Training for approved host families and supporting records to demonstrate this has taken place. This ensures that all approved hosts have the appropriate personal clearances and meet required NDIS industry standards.

6. Commitment to the Safe and Ethical Delivery of Services and Supports for People with Disability. This includes adhering to the NDIS Code of Conduct and ensuring that any external support workers engaged to provide support to guests have appropriate clearances and training.

7. Pre-Arrival Orientation for Guests which is documented and comprehensive. This ensures the guest has access to adequate and appropriate information about the accommodation and their host prior to arrival.

8. Comprehensive Policies and Placement Documentation outlining expectations of each placement and responsibilities of hosts, guests and the STA/program provider. This includes a confirmed DHN Host Agreement signed by host families outlining appropriate policies, agreed activities and the host obligations. How we safeguard and manage information collected from hosts and any other relevant parties is explained in the DHN Privacy Policy. How Breakaway Retreats safeguards and manages information collected from guests is explained in the Breakaway Retreats Privacy Policy

Visit the DHN Policies page for more information.

9. Professional 24/7 Emergency Support and critical incident strategy where professional staff are fully trained to triage the call and follow documented protocols.

10. Accountable Payment Processes ensuring that there is ongoing transparency, management and accountability for all payments made on behalf of the guest to the host and support workers (if required).

11. Evaluation of the Placement from the guest, the host and the guest’s agency/coordinator (if applicable) to gauge guest/host satisfaction and monitor the quality of the program for the purpose of continuous improvement.

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