Tailored STA Insurance - Disability Homestay Network


All Disability Homestay Network guests and hosts are automatically covered under our tailored insurance policy, which is held by the Australian Homestay Network (AHN). This is an important part of making sure the experience is safe and runs smoothly for everyone.

The policy includes liability insurance protection for guests and hosts, as well as appropriate cover for guest’s belongings during their stay at the host’s home.

Coverage TypeAmount
Legal liability for guests (including damages)$20 million
Host liability insurance for guest personal injury and property damage$20 million
Contents insurance covering personal effects for guests while in the host’s home$10,000
Insurance Types and Amount of Coverage

Please refer to the AHN Insurance Policy for inclusions, terms, conditions and exclusions.  


If you are a guest and you need help understanding the information in the insurance policy, you should ask a family member, friend, carer or your Support Coordinator to explain it to you.

You can also get in touch with team at info@disabilityhomestay.com if you have any questions about insurance for the Disability Homestay Network program.