Meals, Transport and Activities - Disability Homestay

Meals, Transport and Activities

Meals (up to 2 “at home” meals / snacks per day by arrangement), local transport* and agreed activities are included in a Disability Homestay Network (DHN) placement.

The following information is a guide outlining the expectations of what hosts must provide, and what items guests may be required to pay for using their own funds.

* Transport in a standard passenger vehicle. If a specialised vehicle is required, this would be at the cost of the participant.


For overnight homestays (Breakaway Connect), hosts must provide up to 2 main meals per day for their guests and share mealtimes as a “family” unit if possible. A host may opt to take a guest out for one of the main meals as an experience for their guest e.g. fish and chips at the beach. This should be paid for by the host.

For the day support program (Breakaway for a Day), hosts may only need to provide snacks.

Hosts and guests are encouraged to discuss the best arrangement for each stay. Guests will also have their own meal allowance for their stay.

If an over 18 guest wanted to purchase an alcoholic beverage while dining out at a restaurant they should use their own meal allowance (if applicable) or spending money to pay for it.


Examples of local transport hosts provide as part of a DHN placement:

  • Pick up / drop off for the guest’s arrival and departure at the airport, bus depot, or other designated location.
  • Travel to / from planned activities and outings.
  • Pick up / drop off to a scheduled appointment.

Hosts will be notified of specific requirements for each guest as part of the placement process.

Transport not included in a DHN placement:

  • Travel to the host’s city e.g. flight, bus or train tickets.
  • Transport in a modified vehicle e.g. a wheelchair accessible vehicle.


Guests and hosts will be matched based on common preferences and finding the best available host who can help the guest fulfil the goals of their stay.

The cost of providing entertainment at home as well as enjoying basic activities has been incorporated into the host reimbursement. Guests will also have access to funds to pay for major activities outside the home.

Examples of activities outside the home a host might provide as part of a DHN placement:

  • Picnic in the park.
  • Recreational/sporting activities.
  • Visit the markets.
  • Stroll around the local botanic gardens.
  • Any low-cost activity that would benefit the guest and is easily provided by the host.

Examples of major activities outside the home a guest would pay for:

  • Movie at the cinema.
  • Bowling.
  • Theme park visit.
  • Seeing a professional sporting match.
  • Horse riding.

NOTE: Hosts may be eligible for free entry and other discounts at participating venues using the guest’s Companion Card if they have one.