About Us - Disability Homestay Network (DHN)

About Us

The Disability Homestay Network (DHN) is an initiative of the Australian Homestay Network. The program was designed to improve the quality and quantity of short-term accommodation (STA) options for people with disability.

We provide properly-managed hosted accommodation for eligible participants funded through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We do this in partnership with Breakaway Retreats, a company which specialises in STA and respite for NDIS participants and their families.

DHN offers a range of standards-based, personalised accommodation and support services to give individuals living with disability greater choice and control on their journey to achieving their goals.

As a disability service provider, our goal is to provide you (the guest) with opportunities to develop your daily life skills, build independence and make connections outside your usual network. You will have the chance to see new places, meet new people and experience new things.

Why are we called the Disability Homestay Network (DHN)?

The DHN program is specifically for people with disability.

When you book short-term accommodation with us, you will be going on a short break to stay with a family (your hosts) who will welcome you into their home. This is sometimes called a homestay. We have a lot of experience in organising homestays.

You might have a few people that help you achieve your personal and professional goals including family, friends, colleagues, carers, doctors and other service providers. They are your support network. We have host families located in cities all over Australia who provide accommodation and care for their guests. We call them our host network.