How to book your stay with the Disability Homestay Network

How to Book

Application Process

Step 1 – Go to the DHN New Guest Application page.

Step 2 – Create your DHN Guest Profile.

Providing us with personal details – such as your name, age, contact information, support needs, hobbies and interests – will allow us to create a Guest Profile for you. This information will help us find you a host to stay with and make sure you are a good match.

Step 3 Enter the details for your stay. 

We will ask you where you would like to stay, what dates you want your stay to start and end, what your goals are, and the activities you would like to try.

Step 4 – Our team will contact you to confirm the details of your stay, go over your Disability Homestay Network profile and program needs. 

If you have an agent or support coordinator we will work with them to understand your goals and any requirements you have for your stay. 

Step 5 – Host matching.

The matching process is one of the most important parts of your placement. Our team will look at what you hope to achieve and experience during your stay as well as your interests, support needs and any other requests. We will then find available hosts whose lifestyle and personality complement yours and will best help you meet your goals, ensuring they have the appropriate skills to support you and/or arrange additional assistance as required.

Step 6 – Approve your host.

We want to ensure you are comfortable with your host family, so you will have the opportunity to look at their profile before we finalise your placement.

Once you confirm you are happy to stay with the selected host, we will finalise your booking and provide you with contact details for your host family. If you want to, you can contact them before your stay so you can introduce yourself and learn a bit more about them.

Step 7 – Enjoy your stay at your host’s home.

Step 8 – Pay for your stay.

Paying for your Stay

We will issue you a quote after we receive your application. The quote will outline the estimated cost of your stay so you are aware of the fees to be paid. 

Your final invoice must be paid within 7 days after the departure date of your stay.

Book Your Stay